JD Hartley

Front-end Developer & Startup Idiot

Love me

I build awesomeness

I am a co-founder of StageBloc, a powerful direct-to-fan platform and artist network.

StageBloc was acquired in 2015 by Fullscreen Media and now powers Fullscreen Direct.

I work as Senior Director of Fullsceen Direct's Front-end Engineering Team.

I've had the privilege of building amazing experiences with major artists such as Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Eric Church.

For fun

You may know me as Mr Business. Shout out to my #business crew.

My twitter bot gets more likes than me. Funny how a markov chain can be funnier than you. @jd_ebooks

I really like sushi and puns. Also tiki. And gold.

Stay gold. Stay sweatin'.