my beautiful face


hi, i'm jd!

i am the cto at project admission, where we are creating a more connected experience for the buying, selling, and distribution of tickets.

i helped make RACER TRASH. we were at TIFF 2021. we were on the national news in canada. we were featured on the verge. our site was on the front page of hacker news. we made reinterpreted media for charitable causes and your viewing pleasure. check out select clips on the website. 1996 was a big year for pullman dot com.

in 2010 i co-founded StageBloc, a WORLD CLASS direct-to-fan platform that powered web experiences, fan clubs, and ecommerce for the world's top tier brands/creators. we were acquired by Fullscreen in 2015, and i led our front-end engineering team there as Senior Director until 2019.

i've worked with a ton of really awesome musicians, bands, artists, and creators... here's a partial list: metallica, red hot chili peppers, eric church, bon iver, kenny chesney, linkin park, justin timberlake, kid rock, keith urban, styx, lady gaga, giada de laurentis' GIADZY, florence and the machine, three days grace, steve aoki, awolnation, maroon 5, megadeth & slipknot.

check out some of my open source work on github, including my fitbit clock face TERMINAL, a dice rolling calculator, and a nerd-word spell incantation generator

i co-founded stargirl sounds in 2019. we are focusing on unique and disruptive strategies in developing, distributing, and monetizing segmented content for the millennial and gen z markets. i'll tell you more later.

you might know me as mr business (probably not). shout out to my #business crew <3

thinking about adopting a unique and magical new friend? check out stacculents, a collection of 10,000 creatures featuring a random assortment of features and flair that come topped with a succulent (usually) and live on the stacks blockchain

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